Project: The Geneva Tsinghua Initiative

Shifting climate change from being something big, complex, and inaccessible, to something simple and actionable.

The 2020 or Bust app was specifically designed to track and manage measurable results
toward ending the crisis. It challenges users to take ending climate change into their own
hands, by giving them a choice of actions they can take to reduce their carbon usage.


Citizen’s Guide to Climate Change 

The biggest complaint that people (ordinary people, not brainiacks) have about the whole business of Climate Change is “it’s too complex.” Well,this is a climate change guide made just for you, for us, the ordinary people…

Shattering Myths to Help the Climate



Context News Episode 3: "Climate Change: A Matter of Context"

An exploration into the historical shifts in context in the matter of our environment and the corresponding shifts in behavior.

"It Is Time"

This is “It Is Time” by 2030 or Bust on Vimeo


This is “THE TIME IS NOW!” by 2030 or Bust on Vimeo


Campaign for Context

Why context?

Human beings exists/”be” in a predetermined realm of existence, which does not show up for us as a realm of existence; in fact, it doesn’t show up for us at all.

White Paper

America-Culture of Positionality

To be an American is not a position. To be an American is a stand. A stand for being all that lies at the heart of the Founding Documents. The being of being an American is not longer that stand, the world of all that was…

The Community Empowerment Program

Our mission is to empower humanity to end the climate crisis through the empowerment of individuals and communities. The Community Empowerment Program is the workshop for training and empowering community leaders.
Empowerment has 3 elements: Awareness (as a function of information and exploration) Ownership (as a function of responsibility) Impact (as a function of action)…

"Swimming in Bullsh#t"

An expose of the current context of politics

"Occupy Yourself: Campaign for Context"

Contextual Activism In Politics